A trip to the library was as exciting as Disneyland

In 2006, my eight-year-old son, our firstborn, stuffed fourteen library books into his suitcase for a one-week family vacation in Hawaii. The weight pushed his luggage over the airplane’s fifty-pound limit. We had to move the books into a carry-on so that he had room to pack clothes, too.

He had two books for each day of our vacation, and it still wasn’t enough. He devoured all of them within the first couple of days, so we had to peruse the donated beach reads left behind by other vacationers.

Our firstborn came into this world excited about words. As an…

Reflections on the singular joy of flying a kite

No, we were not out frolicking on a family vacation this spring break. Instead, like many families around the world, we stayed local and made the best of it.

My fourteen-year-old daughter signed herself up for a one-week golf clinic to learn the basics; she was masked, outdoors, with social-distance guidelines in place — the whole drill. I’d been relegated to my role as her chauffeur, something I happened to relish after a year-long absence of extracurricular activities.

For a week straight, we drove twenty minutes away to a public golf course near a marshy recreation area. And each day…

by Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick, M.A. and Jenn Curtis M.S.W.

The name of the school doesn’t matter. The teen who wears the shirt does.

“A classmate’s mom got her two kids into [insert any Ivy League school name here.] I don’t actually know her, but I was told that she personally coached her kids and was super on top of the whole college admissions process.” Wait, did we just read that correctly? A classmate’s mom got her kids into college? What?

This anonymous comment, posted to an online parenting message board just days after the recent sentencing of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, forces us all to ask ourselves: Have we learned nothing from Operation…

Cynthia C. Muchnick

Mother of 4, Author, Educator, Speaker www.cynthiamuchnick.com www.parentcompassbook.com

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